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Down Home Thoughts A-to-Z

Down Home Thoughts A-to-Z Recap

A little wisdom and a great example go a long way towards shaping character. The theme for Down Home Thoughts participation in the April A-to-Z Challenge was “Down Home Thoughts, wisdom and character from Grandma.” You can read my theme reveal here. The challenge was a lot of work and a lot of fun. Thankfully you can write the posts ahead of time and schedule them to go live on the appropriate day. That frees you up to go read and comment on the over

Down Home Thoughts on the 2015 A-to-Z Road Trip

Down Home Thoughts on the 2015 A-to-Z Road Trip

1600 blogs participating. I am jumping in to the 2015 A-to-Z Roadtrip to finish up visiting all of them. Whew! Did I just commit to that? Lots of great blogs out there. You can see some of my favorites in my A-to-Z wrap up. Take a few minutes and traipse around the Blog-O-Sphere to check them out. I got some great advice from Gene’O over at Sourcerer about planning and preparing. He starts 6 months in advance getting ready for the A-to-Z challenge. Diana over at Part-time Monster is also has a plan and they both have great content. Go check them out.

Here are some down home thoughts from Grandma as we recap the April 2015 A-to-Z.

Down Home Thoughts April 2015 A-to-Z Survivor!

Down Home Thoughts April 2015 A-to-Z Survivor!

I hope you enjoyed this little romp down memory lane and Grandma’s down home wisdom and thoughts. I sure would appreciate you leaving a thought or two of your own below. Come on, join the conversation.

Financial To Do List

Today’s To Do List Tuesday is all about financial planning and review. I don’t care if you make a little or a lot, everyone should check and plan for your future. I will caveat everything here by saying, I am not a professional financial planner. Even if you think you don’t “qualify” to have a financial planner, I would find one. There are many good financial planners that will offer a free consultation. Here is a partial list of things you should review, consider, plan and act upon:


  • Review your financial goals. I’m not talking about the generic I wanna retire early and rich. Those are worthy thoughts, but completely useless unless you make some specific written goals.  I want to retire at age 55 with $X in the bank. Now you have a goal.  Make a plan to achieve it.  I must save $Y/week to retire at age 55.  Now you have something you can track. You can do this on a simple spreadsheet.
  • Review your budget and see how you are doing. My wife pulls all our numbers and checks everything quarterly. If you are just getting started with a budget, you might want to do this monthly for the first 4-5 months
  • Check your emergency fund or start one if you don’t have one. Ideally it is 3-6 months of expenses, but something is better than nothing! This is one of your financial goals. Have a 3 month emergency fund of $X by a specific date.
  • Assess any big life changes.  Getting married? divorced? Having children? Changing jobs? Buying a house?  All these require some extra planning and attention.


  • Review your home owners or renters insurance. Do you need more or less insurance?
  • Review your health insurance.
  • Review your list of financial goals for the last year.  If you have any debt, eliminating or reducing that is your number one goal.  Update date and add new goals for next year.
  • Do you have your will and other important documents up to date and in a fire safe?

This list is not complete and some of the things are not applicable to you.  Remember that your financial goals don’t have to start huge, but they have to start. As a matter of fact it’s usually better to start small.  The more achievable the goal the better off you are. If you are literally starting from nothing. Make a goal to have 100 dollars/pounds/euros/dinar, whatever in savings by the end of the month.  If 100 is not doable make it 50, but start today. Good luck and let’s have some responsible finances out there!  Thanks for dropping by.

Are you doomed to repeat?

Today’s Groundhog Day Challenge

It's groundhog day!

It’s groundhog day!

Are you doomed to repeat the past? Do you have a part of your life that always seems to repeat…repeat…repeat…no matter what you do? Something that is stuck and not moving forward? Stop, look, listen, feel what is going on around you. There will be hints on what to do if only you take time to look for them and heed them. If there no areas of your life that seem like this, that is #AWEsome. If there are and it seems hopeless, it’s not. Our challenge this week is to look at our lives, relationships, jobs, etc. to see if there are parts that seem “stuck”  Just name it for now, that is half the battle.  Do you have your own personal Groundhog Day?

Please leave your thoughts. I will apologize in advance for not answering your comments right away as we are on vacation and away from internet service much of the time.

Where are you?

Well here we are and the year is nearly 1/12 complete. Time is flying away. Where are you? Have you made progress on your goals, resolutions, plans? Have you at least taken one step toward one improvement for the year? I am inching closer to getting a guest blogger scheduled. There are a couple of blogs where we have both reblogged each others articles and may decide to do a guest appearance. I have continued to grow my Twitter audience, but that has started to slow down and Facebook continues creep ever so slowly along with about 77 likes as of this writing. One of the things I struggle with is keeping up with the volume of email I get from Twitter, Facebook and WordPress. I really need to change some the settings to cut the volume, but still get the things I think are important. I would love any suggestions here.

Where are you? Leave a thought or two about things that are going well or maybe something you would like help or advice with pursing. I am far from an expert in many things, but I am happy to share what I have learned.

Please leave your thoughts. I will apologize in advance for not answering your comments right away as we are on vacation and away from internet service much of the time.