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Whole30 halfway

Whole30 Week 2 Begins

Whole30 Week 2 Begins

Week one is behind us and Day 8 dawns as Whole30 week 2 begins. The day begins much like the others. Eggs and sausage for me. Teri takes the remaining pseudo bacon and applesauce. Please checkout her journey here. My energy level and focus is on the upswing. Work passes quickly and lunch is turkey stir fry. How do you make stir fry with no soy sauce? Coconut aminos. Never heard of them before. Me either.

More New Things as Whole30 Week 2 Begins

Whole30 week 2 beginsAs Whole30 week 2 begins, more new discoveries dawn. Stir fry with coconut aminos is good. It just tastes different from soy sauce. Dinner is pork roast with onions, potatoes and apples. Seasoning leans toward the Middle East with coriander, salt and cumin. The roast turned out very moist and flavorful.

Definitely another keeper recipe. The Greek meatballs, not so much. They turned out a little on the bland side. Personally I think they would be okay with nice tzatziki sauce, but there is NO DAIRY in Whole30.  C’est la vie.

Better Eating Habits

So far self-discipline is maintaining our continued development of good habits. There is the reason of knowing that the other person will know if we cheated. Starting over at day  is NOT an option. We’ve made it one week and there are only 3 weeks left! That doesn’t sound as bad as 22 days.

As time keeps ticking away, our 30 day goal gets closer. We support each other and that helps a bit. It is part knowing that you have partner watching out for you and part knowing they will laugh when you have to go back to Day 1 while they keep moving a lot.

Being helpful  is a great trait. Helping someone to reach a goal, even if it is just a day at time, is a worthy feat.

Trust Yourself

New Year Motivation

New Year Motivation

What is your New Year Motivation? Are you excited about the possibilities? Dreading another year of the grind? Looking forward to something always helps me to plan and appreciate everything that much more. There are many things that can motivate you. Find your new year motivation and start the year with a bang.

Positive Attitude

I know it sounds trite, but having a positive attitude really helps. If you think something is crappy, you are usually right. The same goes for expecting things to go well. Does it work all the time? No, of course not. But, having a positive outlook overall helps even when things don’t turn out the way you want them. Looking forward to something helps keep you focused on why you are working hard toward a goal. Look for your New Year motivation.


New Year Motivation GratitudeMy grandmother always kept a strong positive attitude, in spite of her debilitating arthritis. She greeted each day with a smile and prayer of thanks. Beginning a new year can be the signal to look forward to all the great possibilities that await you. Start with an attitude of gratitude and be motivated by being thankful.

Being gracious does not immediately bring to mind motivation. It is more likely thoughts of thankfulness and well-being. A gracious attitude can be motivating. Think how you feel when some one that you do a favor or other kind act is genuinely gracious. The truly appreciate what you have done for them and give you a sincere and heart-felt thank you. Does that not motivate you to go out and do another kind or gracious act?

More Motivation?

Check out Addicted to Success and 43 of the most popular motivation quote images. Or maybe you need a daily dose of good thoughts. Go to Darren Hardy’s site and sign up for Darren’s Daily.  Here are a few articles from Down Home Thoughts:

I would love to hear what gets you motivated. Or what keeps you from being motivated. Please leave your thoughts below. If you enjoyed the article or found it helpful, please share with your friends.

Familiar Newness Weekend coffee share

Familiar Newness and Weekend Coffee Share

Familiar Newness

If we were having coffee, I would tell about the new job, new city, new apartment and old friends. This short blog is let everyone know that I am still alive and blogging. Having crossed the one year anniversary of me blogging, I thought it appropriate that I get back to blogging. Since my last blog, we have moved half way across the country, started a new job, found a new apartment in a new city and started exploring. Met up with some old friends. There is a familiar newness about the whole place.

Once we get a little more settled and get our furniture from back east, I’ll work on getting caught up on pictures and stories. I might even get back to a regular schedule. Part of life is interruptions and learning to deal with those in a positive (or least not detrimental) fashion. As we look forward to the approaching holiday seasons, there is a familiar newness about it all.

Don’t forget to stop by Parttime Monster and link in your own coffee share story.

Cheerful Thoughts?

Cheerful Thoughts

Cheerful Thoughts

Are you a glass half full or half empty person?  Yes, you engineers are saying that you have 50% too much glass, bur really do you think cheerful thoughts? I don’t mean all the time. When you start feeling a little low or down about something, what do you do to cheer yourself up? I like to read. Almost anything will do, but science fiction is my favorite. Or maybe you like a cheerful quote?

There is no personal charm so great as the charm of a cheerful temperament
– Henry Van Dyke   

Some other cheerful thoughts

cheerful thoughts of furry creaturesSometimes I like to find happy pictures for a bit of cheer. Like cute furry or feathered little creatures or a nice nature scene. Other times I like to find a friend and chat face to face. No email, texting, messaging, facebook, etc. just two people sitting across from each other and having a nice conversation. There may or may not be alcohol involved.Really it does not take much to cheer me up. I like the simple things of life and appreciate what I have. No matter where I am or what I have, I try really hard to be happy. This is one of the many traits that I owe to my grandmother. She was a very positive and uplifting person. That’s one of the other cheerful thoughts that  you can think about, your good memories. Happy cheerful memories of friends and family always help me have cheerful thoughts. Ice cream is good too or sometimes coffee!  Maybe you combine several at a time? What is your path to cheerful thoughts?