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WordPress Blog Security What do you think?

WordPress Blog Security

What do you do for blog security? There have been new WordPress blog security measures implemented for the site.  It is my hope that no one, other that the script kiddies and spammers, even noticed. If you are self-hosted, what do you do for security? There are several great WordPress security plug-ins and helpful forums available. It was rather eye-opening when I installed iThemes free security plug-in. It promptly recommended that I do a backup before changing anything. So I did. Then it came up with a long list of potential security issues. The list is broken into High, Medium and Low priority groups. Most everything has a button to “fix it.” This either fixes the issue or takes you to a setting that allows you to change the behavior. READ the instructions with EVERY setting. iThemes also has some great tutorial videos. I recommend you watch those before doing anything.

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WordPress blog security, just like creating your great content, requires some planning and thought. A good security plug-in is a start, but you need to learn a little about the vulnerabilities that a generic WordPress install has. You don’t need to become a security expert, but you do need to learn a little. Both WordPress.org and iThemes have some great resources, so I will not belabor the point. If you are running your business or at least part of it through your WordPress blog, then you should consider buying some professional tools, like iThemes. They make it easy to start with their free plug-in or security theme. Later you can upgrade to pro or get a consultation if you need more security or help.


I recommend that you educate yourself a bit about blog security, but more importantly, take action today! There is no substitute to being ready. It’s like maintenance on your house or your car. Just do it! I would love to hear your thoughts about blog security below.

Puzzle Pieces News Important Announcement

Puzzle pieces-found the Follow Button!

Blog Puzzle Pieces

Look at the side bar! I found the puzzle pieces and code to re-add the follow button to a self-hosted blog! Woo-hoo. I found it on WordPress.org. Another step closer to being a real boy, I mean blog. You need JetPress installed and enabled, plus the code that is generated by this WordPress Developer link.

If you use the follow button, please tell me about your experiences. Thanks!


Puzzle Pieces News Important Announcement

Great News Blog-O-Sphere

Great News!

Through the magic of science, Jetpack and the WordPress Happiness Engineers, The blog follower list has been migrated to the new self-hosted blog! HOWEVER, the not so great news is if you relied on email to get a notice about a post, it will ONLY show up in your WordPress reader unless you go to the blog and sign up for email notification.

If you have questions or comments, you can always leave a comment on the blog, contact me via the contact form on the About Page or send me an email. Slowly the wheels of progress grind and as the world speeds by.

I have added a privacy policy page if any one is interested, you can check it out here.

4 Things to do BEFORE You Re-host Your Blog

Today’s To-Do List Tuesday is an assortment of things to do BEFORE you go and move your blog from one hosting platform to another.

Back up your blog. While this may sound obvious, look at the details. The WordPress export function does NOT export any of your blog settings, just content. So you probably want to take screenshots of your various settings, write them down or whatever works for you.

Check your new hosting site to see if they have a handy guide for moving. READ IT! Twice.

Learn about Jetpack. If you are hosted at WordPress.com, a lot of the things you are used to will be turned off or missing when you move. HostGator’s WordPress installation comes with several key plugins already installed. One of these is JetPack which will give you a lot of the WordPress functionality that you are used to, but you have find all the parts and pieces and get them activated.

Learn a little network black magic. You don’t need the plumb the depths of how switched work or anything that complicated. Just some basics. If you have a custom domain, like I did, you will have to transfer it. It’s not a big deal, but you have find where to go and unlock the domain in your WordPress->Store->My Domains menu.  Then you have change the name servers. Again, the guides on both sides were very helpful.

4 Things to do BEFORE You Re-Host

  1. Backup
  2. Read the guide (RTFM for you long time internet trolls 😉
  3. Learn about the Jetpack plug-in
  4. Learn a little network black magic

WAIT. Yep, you gotta wait. It takes 48-72 hours of your network changes to propagate around the world wide web. Whee. Take a walk, make some tea or what ever you do to relax. Trust me at this point you will probably be ready. Get acquainted with the support pages, FAQs and how to contact support directly. I found HostGator’s support team to be very helpful.

Good luck with your move.