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Weekend Coffee Share Simple Edition


Being Cheerful

What does cheerful have to do with Character? It is part of having a good attitude and it is more important than you think. Take a moment to think about the people who you have to spend time with. Would you prefer happy, smiling cheerful attitudes? Or do you like someone who complains, whines and runs everyone around them into the ground?

I really hope you said the person with the great attitude. Martha Washington gave us a great thought on being cheerful:

Be cheerful and happy in every situation. The greater part of our misery is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition. – Martha Washington

Be cheerful and happy in every situation. The greater part of our misery is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition. - Martha Washington Click To Tweet

Why being cheerful is important

Being cheerful helps not only you, but everyone around you. A good attitude goes a long way toward making work more fun. Relationships are easier to manage when you adopt an enthusiastic attitude. People prefer to be around those who are cheerful.

Still not convinced? Check out the stories on Wisdom Commons. Many good things come from being a person that others wish to be around.

Benefits of being cheerful

Here are just a few of the benefits of having a happy countenance. Don’t take my word for it. John Hopkins Medical has a great article on Cheerfulness and Heart Health.

  • Helps you be more healthy
  • Helps you generate more ideas
  • Solves problems easier
  • Makes you new friends
  • Turns enemies into friends
  • Helps in resolving misunderstandings
  • Builds deeper relationships
  • Increases your immunity
  • Recovers from illness faster
  • Makes pain and sadness easier to bear
  • Fills you with increased vitality
  • Makes you more attractive
  • Increases your charisma and charm
  • Makes you more money and increases your wealth
  • Keeps you strong in all aspects, (physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually, financially and others)
  • Makes work more enjoyable
  • Makes tough challenges easier to bear
  • Makes life more meaningful and purposeful.
  • Prolong your life
  • Makes your community and the world a better place to live
Weekend Coffee Share Birthday Edition

Weekend Coffee Share Work Edition

Weekend Coffee Share Work Edition

Weekend coffee share work editionIf we were sharing a beverage, I would tell that it’s been a great week.  Come join us for the Weekend Coffee Share Work Edition.  There are some things happening on my work front. More on the full-time gig as it becomes more solid.  My voice over training is complete and I have a studio session next week to cut my demo!

If you know anyone that uses voice talent for narration, training, commercials, voicemail, etc. please let me know. I have almost 100 contacts and I’m adding to the list daily. I’ll have a website up sometime late May. Please help me spread the word! Tweet it, share it, etc. Thanks for your help.

Shawn Griffith Voice Actor - Warm, believable Southern charm with impeccable diction. Contact @DownHomeThought for demo. Click To Tweet

Weekend Coffee Share Hosted by

Stop by and visit Diana at Part Time Monster. She hosts this weekly virtual coffee klatch and the associated linky. Stop by and link in your own coffee chat.

I hope your week went well and your next week looks even better. Please leave your thoughts below and of course share with your friends.

weekend coffee share busy edition

Weekend coffee share friendly edition

Weekend coffee share friendly edition

forging smallWelcome to the Weekend coffee share friendly edition. If we were having coffee or another beverage of your choice, I would tell that the book, Forging Character,  is moving slowly. What do I mean by slowly? Think molasses in winter. I took a break and an just can’t seem to get back into the rewrite. Yes, the rewrite that was supposed to be done already. I hope your projects are going much better. Work is going well. Hopefully there will be a more interesting update next week. 🙂 Stay tuned.

Being Friendly

My co-workers always seem amazed that I can work with a diverse group of people from other teams to get things done. I tell them it’s not really hard. You just have to be friendly. Often people who are perceived as being difficult to deal with just need to be asked the right way. How is that you ask? You do it in a friendly, open way asking them to share their area of expertise in addressing your problem.

Weekend coffee share friendly editionIt is all about being friendly. Not the false smile of a used car salesmen, but an honest interest in what they do. Will I get something out of it? Absolutely. It is my hope that we both learn something.

Being friendly can take many different paths. The simplest and often overlooked, is to simply be there and listen.

Want to read a more psychological approach to being friendly? Check out this article. Or maybe a more social approach here.

Whatever you decide, it does take a bit effort to change your habits if you are not already in a friendly mindset. Like anything in life that is worth something, being friendly takes a bit of work. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Unless you like being alone all the time. People like being around friendly people.

Weekend Coffee Share

I hope you have a great week ahead. Stop by and visit Diana at Parttime Monster. She hosts the Weekend Coffee share. Write your own post and share it on the linky.

I would love to hear your thoughts below. Please share with your friends. The more the merrier.

importance of laughter

Importance of Humor

Friday’s Funny on the Importance of Humor

Humor at Work

importance of humor at workMost people take work way to seriously. Learn to relax and laugh at yourself and with others. Remember, never laugh at others. Always laugh in a spirit of friendliness. Humor is often used to break the ice at meeting. A good chuckle can smooth over a misunderstanding. One of the best laughs I ever had was working at Southwest Airlines. My Team decided  while I was gone over Christmas to decorate my office. They gift-wrapped everything in the office, including the door. Every pencil, every book, the monitor, keyboard, mouse, desk and chair were all carefully and lovingly wrapped. It was a work of art.

Forbes: 10 Reasons why humor is a key to success at work

Bloomberg: Humor in the workplace

Humor that works: 30 Benefits of Humor in the Workplace

Humor and Adversity

I know laughing while going through adversity is never easy, humor will lighten your burden. I had a good friend in high school that suffered from Hodgkin’s Disease. We would visit and talk and laugh with him. Laughing made him feel better. His doctors treated the Hodgkin’s and it went into remission. A few years later it came back. He repeated this cycle six times. The seventh ended differently. When I think about the good times and the laughs we shared in spite of his illness, I can never have a bad day.

Huffington Post: Find Humor in Illness

Humor and Health

Humor relaxes your blood vessels lowering blood pressure. Being relaxed is generally much healthier than being tense and stressed.

What is the importance of humor to you? Leave a comment or two and share this with your friends. Better yet, share a good laugh with your friends, the life you save may be your own.